Optimize your resource allocation

Empower your consultancy teams to be efficiently assigned to projects and collaborate effectively. SkillScape optimizes resource allocation, expert matching, and cross-functional teamwork, leading to successful project outcomes. All on Microsoft Teams.

AI-based consultancy resource allocation

SkillScape optimizes resource allocation by matching your internal consultants to projects based on their current and aspiring skills using our in-house AI algorithm. You get to assign the right consultants to projects faster while your employees develop their skills on the job.

SkillScape is built for the consultancy world

SkillScape facilitates collaborative project management by providing a platform for skill-based resource allocation. Our software enables efficient consultancy team collaboration, knowledge exchange, and cross-functional problem-solving, resulting in optimized project outcomes.
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Skill-based resource allocation
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Collaborative consultancy project management
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Cross-functional knowledge exchange
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Effective resource utilization

Key features

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Skill-based resource allocation

SkillScape facilitates skill-based resource allocation for consultancy projects. Leverage our AI matching engine to ensure optimal resource allocation and efficient problem-solving by assigning the right experts to projects based on their skills and expertise.

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Collaborative consultancy project management

SkillScape fosters collaborative consultancy project management. Empower your teams to collaborate, share insights, and work together to deliver successful projects. With SkillScape, you can optimize resource utilization and achieve project goals efficiently.

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Cross-functional knowledge exchange

SkillScape provides opportunities for cross-functional knowledge exchange within consultancy teams. Foster a culture of continuous learning, skill development, and expertise sharing, enabling your teams to deliver exceptional results for every project.

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Effective resource utilization

SkillScape enables effective resource utilization for consultancy firms like yours. By using our matching engine to assign experts with the right skills to projects, you can ensure optimal utilization of resources. Stay ahead in the consultancy industry with SkillScape.

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