Connected by skills

Connect employees through internal opportunities at work on Microsoft Teams. SkillScape helps employees gain new skills, enrich their network, and get work done faster.

Hybrid working so far

76% of employees say they’d stay at their company longer if they could benefit more from learning and development support.

56% of employees and 68% of business decision makers say there are not enough growth opportunities in their company to make them want to stay long-term.

SkillScape is built for a hybrid world

SkillScape meets employees in their hybrid collaboration environment (Microsoft Teams), enriches their professional network, accelerates their career development journey and gets work done faster with the help of a strong employee community that goes beyond organizational silos.
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Elevated internal networking
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Enhanced employee experience
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Accelerated career development
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Increased employee engagement

Key features

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Customized experience

Create a profile that reflects your expertise, passions and development ambitions. Then easily submit a collaboration initiative through a SkillScape request form. From looking for a mentor or a job shadowing opportunity to finding subject matter experts to help out on a client project, there are infinite opportunities.

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AI powered networking

SkillScape builds people connections and generates meaningful opportunities through its skill-based ML model. Employees get opportunities to work and learn alongside colleagues from other teams and geographies.

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Community power

Sharing is caring! Forward opportunities to other colleagues that you think are a better fit for the challenge and give them the chance to work on projects that can help them grow.

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Progress overview

Get insight into the most wanted expertise you possess based on your colleagues' requests and check how far you’ve come on your skills development plan. Then, readjust your profile based on the progress made when you feel comfortable with how much you practiced the new skills acquired.

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