Optimize hybrid team collaboration

Seamlessly match employees in diverse locations using our hybrid work collaboration software. SkillScape maximizes productivity within remote teams by matching them to internal opportunities at work using Microsoft Teams.

Achieve efficient hybrid work

Decentralized teams face a unique set of challenges. Overcoming the challenges of hybrid work collaboration is crucial for successful remote team coordination. SkillScape provides a solution by facilitating virtual teamwork and cross-functional collaboration, ensuring efficient and collaborative problem-solving across your organization.

Empower Collaboration with SkillScape

SkillScape facilitates digital teamwork, cross-functional collaboration, and collaborative problem-solving, enabling your organization to thrive in a hybrid work environment.
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Seamless hybrid collaboration
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Efficient remote teamwork
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Cross-functional collaboration
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Skills-based professional networking

Key features

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Seamless hybrid collaboration

SkillScape enables seamless hybrid collaboration by connecting remote employees. SkillScape allows employees to create personalized career profiles based on their current and aspiring skills. They can then easily submit a matching request through a SkillScape request form.

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Efficient remote teamwork

SkillScape matches employees to available opportunites via its skill-based ML model. Employees get opportunities to work and learn alongside colleagues from other teams and geographies.

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Community power

Sharing is caring! Opportunities can be forwarded to other colleagues that are a better fit for the opportunity. They will get to work on projects that can help them grow.

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Cross-functional collaboration

SkillScape fosters cross-functional collaboration by connecting employees with diverse expertise and skill sets. Bridge organizational silos and encourage knowledge exchange, enabling your teams to leverage a wide range of skills for innovative solutions.

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