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Connect employees through internal learning opportunities on Microsoft Teams. SkillScape helps improve employee engagement, enhance their skills, enrich their network, and boost productivity.

Unlock real employee engagement

Low employee engagement negatively impacts productivity, retention, and overall business success.

Discover how SkillScape's employee engagement software can help you improve employee satisfaction, foster a positive work environment, and drive exceptional results.

Engage your workforce with SkillScape

SkillScape empowers your workforce by providing a comprehensive employee engagement solution. Our software enhances collaboration, fosters professional growth, and creates a strong sense of belonging within your organization for all employees.
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Personalized employee development
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Work-based learning experiences
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Accelerated career development
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Increased employee engagement

Key features

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Skills-based work requests

SkillScape allows employees to create personalized career profiles based on their current and aspiring skills. They can then easily submit a matching request through a SkillScape request form. From looking for a mentor, a job shadowing opportunity to finding subject matter experts to help out on a client project, there are infinite opportunities.

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Matching employees to opportunities

SkillScape matches employees to available opportunites via its skill-based ML model. Employees get opportunities to work and learn alongside colleagues from other teams and geographies.

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Community power

Sharing is caring! Opportunities can be forwarded to other colleagues that are a better fit for the opportunity. They will get to work on projects that can help them grow.

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Progress overview

Employees can get insights into the most wanted expertise based on colleagues' requests and check how far they've come on their skills development plan.

Unlock the Potential of Employee Engagement with SkillScape

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