Employees don’t want to climb your corporate ladder anymore – now what?

A guide on how to reduce attrition by unlocking new learning & development opportunities.

Fasten your seatbelts: we are experiencing turbulent times at the workplace

Ever since its June 2020 peak, employees’ happiness at work has decreased by 6%, resulting in the Great Resignation and skills crisis. Employees now prioritize personal and professional growth opportunities, meaningful purpose, connection, and skill development. Companies must adapt their approach to employee engagement and development to retain skilled workers and reduce recruitment costs.

Unlocking the power of communities means to enable learning

Learning together and building relationships within teams is crucial for job performance and retention. Community-based learning, where employees learn and grow together, fosters enjoyment, improved job performance, and a sense of belonging. Companies are tapping into this trend by providing learning and development opportunities and leveraging social features.

The Gig economy for corporate workers

Community-based learning unlocks the knowledge and skills of the entire organization, leading to business outcomes and improved collaboration. Companies like Schneider Electric have implemented "internal gigs" as short projects for employees to learn new skills, connect with others, and gain control over their development. This approach supports the changing workforce and creates a flexible work environment.

A short guide to building a strong learning foundation

To enable learning, companies should empower employees to explore their interests, build skills, foster a strong community, leverage leadership, and encourage internal mobility. These steps create a culture of continuous learning, where employees have autonomy and opportunities for growth.

There’s so much more to learning tech than your training videos platform

Technology plays a vital role in unlocking internal learning opportunities. Companies can use technology to create community-based learning environments, facilitate collaboration, and provide interactive and convenient training programs. SkillScape, a lightweight Microsoft Teams app, enables peer-to-peer skill exchange and the gig economy within organizations.

Ready, steady, GO!

Companies can schedule a demo of SkillScape, the community-based learning app, to experience its benefits and support employee retention and engagement strategies.

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